HISTORY SANKHASUVRA Welfare Society Hooghly- a social institution dedicated to care for children who have lost their near and dear ones, or children who are sick, abandoned or generally neglected. The organization is working in the region of Uttarpara, Hoogly District and its surrounding sub-urban areas under the jurisdiction of Serampore in the field of child development, focussing on the girl child who is vulnerable. SANKHASUVRA WELFARE SOCIETY HOOGHLY is conducting an IEC programme on Pre- Conception & Pre- Natal Diagnostic Technique Act 1994- a social Legislation brought to enforcement by the Indian government to combat certain social problems like child poverty, sexual exploitation, disability or female feticide. Children are also given vocational training. SANKHASUVRA WELFARE SOCIETY HOOGHLY attends to the welfare of the children and they not only just rescue children from sheer poverty but also enable the children to develop and realize their individual potentials. With many a success story, the organization continues to help many helpless and needy children as much as possible, children who are abandoned and neglected, who would otherwise fall by the wayside and could may end up in a poverty-stricken life as a beggar, probably a life their parents unfortunately had to lead.
The various Techniques Used: Audio- Visual (LCD- Projector, Power Point Presentation, Loud Speaker, Amplifier)
Method Adopted – Participatory Method (Both way communication and Group Discussion, Organizing various cultural events where the children participate and interact with one another).
1) The definition, causes and the adverse effects of “Female Feticide” and the effective measures needed to abolish female infanticide.
2) The causes and the resulting effects for the declining Sex-ratio in India in the last 20 years.
3) Issues dealing with exploitation of women and domestic violence inflicted on them.
4) The Salient features of PC & PNDT Act 1994.
5) To lift the morale of the children and attend to their health and other nutritional habits.
6) To provide for better educational facilities so that they may have a better future and grow up to be worthy citizens.
7) Proper training regarding how to budget the money.
8) Organizing various vocal training programs and cultural events for the development of girls and women.
9) Focussing on various environmental issues and preservation of natural resources.
10) Create an effective environment of “family life” so that the children progress rapidly and also grow up healthy and fit both physically and mentally.
Legitimacy of the Organization-
a) Registered under Societies Registration Act 1961 of the Govt. of West Bengal. No. S/IL/34373of 2005-2006 dated 19th January, 2006
b) Registered U/S 12AA of the IT Act 1961 No. CIT/KOL-XX/12A & 80G/11/2010-11/143 dated 21.03.2011 c) Registered U/S 80G (5) (VI) of the IT Act 1961. No. CIT/KOL-XX/12A and 80G/11/2010-11 dated 21.03.2011
d) FCRA Certificate Number*: 146990124
e) Having PAN Card under IT Act No. AABAS5637H
f) Having Unique ID under NGO Partnership System of the Planning Commission of India
g) Affiliated to Nehru Yuva Kendra, Hooghly No. 462/6214.