With the Noble aim to serve all the under-privileged sections of the society, SANKHASUVRA WELFARE SOCIETY HOOGHLY has taken its formation. SANKHASUVRA WELFARE SOCIETY HOOGHLY (SWS) is a registered body under Societies Registration Act 1961 of the Govt. of West Bengal. No. S/IL/34373 of 2005-2006 dated 19th January, 2006. The Registered office of the society is situated at Uttarpara, Hooghly District, and West Bengal.The organization facilitates various services and activities which are beneficial to these abandoned, neglected children. This organization also campaigns to enhance their economic status and interest.

Activities of SWSH

• Creates awareness in leading a Healthy way of life and provide needy health care to these poor people and motivate these people in all aspects of community to act, rather than depend on any external help.
• Literate the population and provide educational facilities to the seunder- privileged children.
• Conducts training programs on Child care, Women Empowerment and abolition of Female Foeticide.
• Conducts abuse campaigns and deals with social measures needed to eradicate domestic violence and also poverty reduction.
• Voluntary counselling and Organizing AGP on various socio-economic issues and increasing moral ethics among these ignorant children.
• Promote tolerance and diversity in society while strengthening and protecting religious, ethnic, cultural, linguistic and other identities.
• Training Programs based on Environmental Awareness and education.
• With the help of SMILE FOUNDATION INDIA, SWSH successfully run as School for the neglected children of the slum areas especially for the children of maid servant.

Organizing Sishu Mela Uttarpara(Children’s Fair) is one of the main activities of the organization SANKHA SUVRA WELFARE SOCIETY HOOGHLY. This occasion has achieved much success as hundreds of people visit the fair including the parents who are very keen for the participation of their kids. Other special activities include Rabindra Jayanti Celebration, Netaji Jayanti, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day, annual sports day celebrations
etc. Kishori Shakti Yojona Scheme, which is sponsored by ICDS (Govt of West Bengal),conducts training programs for adolescents, unmarried girls. SANKHASUVRA WELFARE SOCIETY HOOGHLY conducts an IEC programme on Pre- Conception & Pre- Natal Diagnostic Technique Act 1994- a social Legislation brought to enforcement by the Indian government to combat certain social problems like child poverty, female foeticide, sexual exploitation or disability.
aims to achieve its goal of reaching to these poor and helpless children through its service initiatives. Each and every individual in society should have fair chance to experience happiness and peace in their lives, is the ultimate aim of the SWSH. Methodology used to accomplish these activities

• Blending of the audio visual technology (LCD-Projector, Power Point Presentation, loud speaker) with the human touch.
• Usage of Electronic, print media for the development.
• Establishing counselling and information centers. Research institutes have a unique form of any operational programs, whose goal is to increase understanding and knowledge
• Training or Vocational programmes for women empowerment and weaker sections of the society.
• Proper training regarding how to budget the money.Adopting Eco friendly
Environment conservation techniques.



We organize regular Cancer awareness programme with the help of Indian Cancer Society.


2. Thalassemia :

Thalassemia awareness generation programme was done by Dr. Shyamal Kr. Sarkar.Thalassemia carrier screening test was done with SERUM. Seventy five students of Bhupendrasmriti School and Uttarpara College were participated.


3. General Health

This is our annual programme. We render community service totally free of cost with the help of local Doctors and health workers.





1.Running Non Formal School for the children of first generation learner

  1. Interactions with the teachers of the mainstreamed schools to understand the advancement as well as the impediments, if any
  2. Special coaching for the most dis-advantaged children
  3. Use of appropriate TLM (Training & Learning Materials) for enhancing their attraction with the study
  4. Visit of the children’s house in case of absentees
  5. Emphasize extracurricular activities like songs, dances, drawing, sports & games, crafts making etc.
  6. Organization of exposure visit of the children in various places of importance
  7. Regular health checkup of the children by the eminent doctors of the locality  Organization of regular meetings with the parents at their places


                                                                CLASS                                                          COMPUTER











2.Rabindra Jyanti


3. Film Workshop


4. Film Festival