”Extending one hand to help somebody has more value,Than joining two hands for prayer” -Gautam Buddha

SANKHASUVRA WELFARE SOCIETY HOOGLY aims at extending its hand to help the poor and helpless children and provides not only food and shelter but also include all other facilities for the orphans, both boys and girls. They are trained to be useful members of society and develop individual abilities so that they can become proud citizen of the country. Broad objective of our organization is to improve the well-beings of the poor and disadvantaged section of population and to empower neglected and abandoned children by conducting various development projects. We aim to provide a comprehensive supportive environment to meet the physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of orphans and vulnerable children, helping them to enhance the communication skills. The children are provided with a healthy and user friendly environment to learn and receive support and care from the organization. The principle objectives of SANKHASUVRA WELFARE SOCIETY HOOGLY are:-
A.Provide educational assistance among the poor and marginalized children. The topics covered include key elements of teaching young children, focusing on the different child development stages as well as development of teaching materials. The supervision also entailed that adequate materials are provided to these children for better education. Proper coordination and communication between the teachers and the children are also looked after.
B.Establishment of Orphanage Shelter to settle the poor and marginalized and street children who are neglected and abandoned without any care. There are many cases of vulnerable children who were found on streets or vegetable markets and gardens abandoned by their parents. SANKHASUVRA WELFARE SOCIETY HOOGLY takes full responsibility of these children by providing food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education and beddings. The centre also offers psychosocial support to reduce stigma associated with these little children.
C.Provide preventive health care for children and provide various provisions of nutritious food to children for improvement of their health which in return, will bring out a positive result on their academic performances. We aim at improving food security and nutrition for orphans and other vulnerable children as a healthy diet is important for all children.
D.To promote community awareness of various social issues by empowering women with life skills and helping them with self-help projects. To promote gender awareness and education of girl child. Various Vocational Training Programs are conducted for the women and girls, creating an opportunity for employment / self employment. Women shall contribute on their financial plans and hence the community will achieve stable families and marriages.
E.Voluntary counseling and Organizing AGP on various socio-economic issues and increasing moral ethics among these ignorant children. These programs are going to help children to overcome the traumatic pain caused by the death of their parents or other childhood sufferings they have passed through. Various trainings are conducted in counseling, skill developments, performing music, dance and drama.
F.Creating awareness regarding environmental issues like Environmental Pollution and conservation of natural resources as a lot of sensitization is needed about proper utilization of natural resources, soil conservation and environmental management practices.