Organizing Sishu Mela(Children’s Fare) is one of the annual features of our organization SWSH. Thisoccasion is observed with much enthusiasm of the parents who are very keen forparticipation of their kids.

The culturallegacy of Uttarpara spaces in several domains ranging from Book Fair to DramaFair and cultural musical performances. Since last year a new feather was addedto the cap and that is Children’s fair, named “Uttarpara Shishu Mela”. Thiswill like to explore the world for the children. They will dream on their own,they will express on their own either through painting, on through culturalperformances like dance, recitation and songs or through telling stories.

Indeed this showwill be a showcase of titans as the fair will host the renowned personalitiesof child literature, whose presence will provide added pleasure andencouragement to all children present and even to their guardians. To providepristine fun there will be plays, songs and magic shows and to make things evenmore interesting there will be stalls catering to the needs of the children.

Children’s Fair is aplatform for the Children to demonstrate their talents and achievements and for families to explore avenues and opportunities available related to personality,intellect, physical and career development of their children in a fun filled environment.